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Making Sense of Life From the Biblical Account of Job
Obviously not a how-to book, but then again maybe it is. How to live life with understanding, how to make sense of it. The Biblical book of Job, the oldest contiguous book in the Bible, older than Moses in fact, is a kind of tutorial on how to properly view life's circumstances. Are they random? Is there a purpose in our hurts and tragedies? Is God an "absentee owner" of the universe, or is He orchestrating every little thing, and does that control come out of both a loving and supremely capable heart in the Creator Himself? The answers to these questions in this ancient book set up in an object-lesson style will captivate you, possibly even upset you, but they will ultimately satisfy you (as they did me) if your heart is open to the truth that the God of the Bible reveals about Himself. Making Sense of Life resulted from years of study and a subsequent series of Sunday School lessons I gave at my church in the fall and winter of 2019. At almost 40 pages in printed form, this is far from a light discussion. In fact this original work is a verse by verse treatment of the subject of the book of Job. Not scholarly enough for theologians, perhaps, but certainly an exercise that a reasonably proficient and thoughtful reader will appreciate. I hope it is thought-provoking. It's intended to be, but more than that, I hope it illustrates Job's faith. Whether a Christian or not, you should read this. There is no charge for the book. It is a free ebook.

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