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One price $475
Plus shipping

  • Commercial grade ultrasonic cleaning of all parts, not just the castings
  • Hand circuit confirmation
  • Close inspection of mating parts
  • Repaired float bowl standpipes, the odd pulled thread
  • Accelerator pump system blueprinted
  • Aircut valves rebuilt
  • Fast idle set up
  • Vacuum petcock (auto valve) tested (later models)
  • Float bowl venting tested
  • Jet sizes measured, and idle jets removed for thorough cleaning
  • Float levels carefully adjusted using the official Honda tool and method
  • Spotless, "clean room" like assembly
  • The use of custom-made, exotic tools for an uncompromising result
  • Meticulous bench throttle sync
  • Carbs leak tested
  •       Including these new parts
    • New high quality Viton float bowl gaskets (4)
    • New Viton fuel o-rings (6)
    • New accelerator pump diaphragm
    • New idle mixture screw o-rings (4)
    • New idle mixture screw washers (4)
          Available upgrades
    • Vapor blasting carb bodies
    • Polished vacuum tops
    • New zinc plating of steadies and brackets
    • Exquisite professional weld repair of castings
    • Standard or premium grade fuel hose
    • High quality pleated paper fuel filter
    • Auto valve rebuild (late models only)
    • Jetting for individual (pod) air filters
    • Felt throttle shaft seals
    • Standard or Euro style hose clamps
    • New screws, factory or Allen head
          Ask about
    • Auto valve bypass
    • Additional services
    Shipping insured FedEx to 48 states, Latin America and Asia. Insured USPS Priority (Air) to Alaska, Hawaii, Western and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
    Extras include replacement of broken or missing parts, welding, thread repair, bracket replating, new screws, new fuel line, fuel filter.
    I don't use kit junk. All parts are OEM, Randakk, or sourced from known high quality suppliers. If I wouldn't want it on my own bike, it doesn't go on yours.
    My guarantee is simple: I'm not satisfied until you are. My reputation is the most valuable commodity I have, and I guard it zealously. Visit my guestbook and see for yourself.
    Before you ship
    First things first. Avoid assuming that the trouble you are having is necessarily carburetor related. After measuring cylinder compression, ignition timing and spark strength (with a special opened up spark plug), and ensuring good fuel flow through fuel tank, pump and filter, confirm the final diagnosis with the t-shirt test. Loosely wrap a t-shirt around your air filter element as a test. If the engine runs better, then carburetion is indicated as a problem. If little to no change, repeat the test with neither t-shirt nor air filter element. Improvement in either case indicates carburetion. No improvement in either case virtually exonerates your carburetors as the source of trouble. When ready to send me your carburetors, drain them well, and include in a baggie any loose pieces. Go to my shipping prep page for details on how best to prepare for shipping. Please advise me of any modifications to the motorcycle, type of air filter used, traditional fuel mileage, and be sure to aprise me of the specific performance issues you have been experiencing and what if anything has been done so far in response. For your convenience, there is a shipping checklist here.

    Other rebuilders
    There are a lot of other carburetor rebuilders out there, and some very capable ones. Naturally, each of us believes we have the most to offer. Don't choose on the basis of hype or rhetoric. Look at the customer feedback, sense the depth of background/experience (choose a rebuilder who has a powersports technician background, that is, who knows the bikes the carbs go on and didn't just one day decide to rebuild carburetors), and gauge the rebuilder's integrity. Everything else is marketing. There seems to be a little infighting, if that is the correct term, among rebuilders. I try hard to stay out of it, so please don't ask me to comment on other carburetor rebuilders.

    Overseas customs issues
    It's an unfortunate and frustrating situation with goods returning to Europe and Scandinavia, and their prohibitively high customs duty. I have learned that marking the box a certain way helps, and I do that whenever possible. Please don't ask me to falsify customs documents. I feel your frustration and angst over this, believe me, but my life as a Christian prevents me from taking that tack. If there is anything else I can do I am willing to do it, simply let me know.

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