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Carb Rebuild Service    ▾
Rebuilding only. No carburetor sales.

Honda CBX

Honda DOHC 750, 900, 1100
$425 All, including Euro

Honda V4
$405 All, incl VFR, ST1100

Honda SOHC 750 early

Honda SOHC 550, 750 late
$350 including Auto

Honda SOHC 350, 550

Honda GL1000

Honda GL1100

Honda GL1200

Honda CX/GL500, 650
$250 All

Later models too
$395 to $499
High performance carbs
Experience, plenty of parts
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Motorcycle Project Parts Shop: Screws, Washers, O-Rings, Tools and More   ▾
Lot of goodies here! Quarter not included!

Quality fuel filter

Throttle seal 8mm
$8.50 for two

Battery hydrometer

CB750, GL1000 tube
$12.00 for one

Delrin CBX vent tees
$39.50 for pair

Carb float level tool

O-rings CBX Viton
$45.00 for 30

Pilot screw Keihin VB

Quality air filters

Motorcycle ammeter

T-handle wrench set
$59.95, 7 pcs

Undersize valve shim
Featured Video
After: CBX carb rebuild
Featured Video
After: GL1000 carb rebuild
Featured Video
Attaching throttle cables
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Idle pass plug
$4.00 for one

GL1000 idle jet
$10.00 for one

Keihin sync screw

Keihin sync screw nut

Honda adjustable caps

Honda air shock seal

GL1000 pilot o-ring set
$4.00 for four

Honda petcock o-ring

GL1000 intake o-rings

Honda CBX gen shim

CBX carb vac washers
$5.50 for three

Carburetor cotter pins
$1.50 for five
Featured Video
Adjusting float level
Featured Video
Installing choke springs
Featured Video
Removing pilot limiters
More how-to videos   

Geared pilot tool

Pilot screw o-ring kit
$3.00 for two carbs

O-rings DOHC Viton
$18.00 for 12

Coming soon

Screws Honda choke
$1.00 for two

Throttle seal 10mm
$13.50 for two

Honda petcock seal

Petcock screws
$1.00 for two
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Tech Articles    ▾
C a r b    C o r n e r
 • Carburetors, an Intro
 • Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning
 • Ultrasonic Examples
 • About Gasoline
 • How CV Carburetors Work
 • Carburetor Jet Tech
 • Keihin Idle Circuits
 • Powersports Air Filters
 • More on Air Filters
 • Carburetor Rebuilding
 • Carburetors and Altitude
 • Fuel Economy
 • The CBX Hydrolock Issue
 • Bad Practice
 • Ignition Reminders NEW
 • Carburetor Evolution
 • The 60/40 Rule NEW
 • The Little Things NEW
 • Float Levels NEW
 • Synchronization NEW
 • Synchronization Ethic NEW
 • Zinc
 • Oxygenated Gas
 • Crankcase Recirc Systems
 • Carb Kits
 • Carb McKits NEW
 • More on Float Valves NEW
 • Draining Carburetors NEW
 • CBX Starting NEW
 • CB500 Four Starting NEW
 • The Master Carb Myth NEW
 • Answerman NEW

I n d u s t r y    S e c r e t s
 • Early V4 Cam Issues
 • Cylinder Head Porting
 • Octane
 • Inside Honda's 1st-Gen V4s
 • Debunking 1st Gen V4 Myths
 • Service Manuals
 • A Day in the Life
 • Lies Mother Told You NEW
 • Motorcycle User Forums NEW
 • Police Bike Recall NEW
 • Concours 10 Years Later NEW
 • California Traffic School NEW
 • Malice in Aftermktland NEW
 • The YouTube Syndrome NEW

E n g i n e    T e c h
 • High-Perf. Engine Building
 • Horsepower
 • Compression vs. Leakdown
 • Valve Clearances NEW
 • Valve Jobs Done Right
 • Cylinders Done Right Revised
 • Engine Assembly
 • Motor Oil
 • More on Motor Oil
 • Piston Clearances NEW
 • Detonation NEW
 • Marvel Mystery Oil NEW
 • Big Bore Kits NEW
 • Camshafts NEW
 • No Free Lunch NEW

E l e c t r i c a l    B a s i c s
 • Vintage Honda Wire Codes
 • Charging System Variations
 • Resistor Plugs and Wires
 • Honda DOHC, CBX Chging
 • Honda DOHC, CBX Ignition
 • The Volt Drop Test
 • Electrical Connectors
 • Powersports Batteries
 • Ammeters
 • Vintage Chging Systems

C h a s s i s    T e c h
 • Shucking the Shakes
 • 80s Pro-Link Shocks
 • Brake Fluid Revised

T o o l i n g    U p
 • How-To: Leakdown Tester
 • Trick Tools
 • Kowa Seiki Tools
 • The Exh Gas Analyzer NEW

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How-To Books    ▾
Do it yourself!
Honda CBX Carb
Honda DOHC Carb
Honda V4 Carb
Honda SOHC Carb
Honda GL1000 Carb
Honda CBX Valve
Honda CBX Charge
Honda SOHC Charge
Honda Ignition Mod
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